Depression & Anxiety

Whether the culmination of day to day events, or the result of one significant event, stress can be enough to shake your sense of centeredness.  When severe or chronic, stress can lead to significant psychological distress and lead to depression, anxiety...or both. 

Depression can severely impair daily functioning. 

It can lead to decreased motivation, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, increased fatigue, a perpetuation of negative thinking and beliefs, and increased isolation. Depression can be a very lonely and painful place to be.  Some people may even resort to self harm as a maladaptive coping mechanism.  Those who inflict injury upon themselves suffer intolerable distress and struggle to cope effectively with overwhelming situations and emotions. 

Similarly, anxiety can wreak havoc on your life.   

Anxiety can be uncomfortable at best, and terrifying at its worst.  It can plague its sufferer with excessive worry, irrational fear, disrupted sleep patterns, insecurities, a sense of pending doom, unsettling heart palpitations, and even gastrointestinal distress.  Its effects can be paralyzing. 

It is possible to find relief from the suffering. 

I can help you to navigate the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to your depression or anxiety, and build the skills necessary to minimize or eliminate your symptoms and return to a functional, fulfilling life.  Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you to identify the ​negative beliefs and dysfunctional behaviors that contribute to your unhappiness, and to replace those with positive, balanced thoughts and actions.  Learning that you do have control over your thoughts  and feelings can be extremely empowering, and can be the key to taking your life back.  Additionally, DBT can provide you with skills essential to managing emotions and leading a life worth living.   

If your symptoms are more severe or you continue to feel stuck despite efforts to make changes, you might gain relief through an alternative therapeutic approach.  EMDR can be helpful in eradicating negative self-beliefs and moving past painful past experiences.  Yet another option is EvTFT, a therapeutic approach that can offer rapid relief of a variety of psychological problems.  Regardless of your path, it is possible to find peace beyond the chaos.  

“Elana's abilities as a therapist allowed me to overcome crippling social anxiety and a depression which had convinced me that every endeavor I undertook would be an uphill battle against my own self-doubt.  By teaching me to accept the discomfort of anxiety and hopeless feelings of depression, she showed me a way of confronting negative feelings and ultimately, diminishing their control over me.  After just a few months of meeting with Elana, I allowed myself to seek others out to form new relationships with people I had always known but never opened up to, thanks to the confidence and boldness I had gained from our therapeutic relationship.”  -S.E.  

"I always felt like I was on a roller coaster of emotions.  Therapy helped me to work through every major event in my life, and I sincerely felt a sense of relief after each session.  Elana is patient and really helps you capture the feelings you have to work through to make a positive change.  I can't thank you enough!" -M.F.

"As a chronic over-achiever, I have always put extreme pressure on myself to do my absolute best in everything I pursue.  My work with Elana has seriously reduced the stress I have always put myself under, especially because Elana never tried to convince me to lower my standards.  Instead, she helped me understand the importance of truly caring for myself rather than how others saw me, and showed me that I could define my own success in ways that would still allow me to be proud of myself without the negative effects of constant stress." -D.R.